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Evelyn R. McElvin

President 2016-2017

National President's Testimonial Information



Evelyn McElvin of Orlando, Florida was elected AMVETS National Ladies Auxiliary President August 13, 2016, at the 70th National Convention in Reno, Nevada. An active Life Member of Orlando Auxiliary #30, where she currently holds the office of Secretary, Evelyn has held many positions on the Local, District and Department level, including President of each. Evelyn was named “Woman of The Year” at the 2012 Department of Florida Convention.


Evelyn was the first Department of Florida Junior AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Coordinator before holding the position on the National level. She played a key role in updating the National Junior AMVETS forms, reports and Bylaws. In support of the Junior AMVETS, she worked tirelessly and was respected and recognized for her efforts.


After many years of service as National Scholarship Officer, Third, Second and First Vice President, her efforts culminated with the honor of being elected National Auxiliary President.


Evelyn is a widow with 3 children and treasures the support and encouragement of her son Torin, daughters Tamela and Joyette, and Joyette’s husband Phillip. Truly a family affair, all three of her children served as local Junior AMVETS President. Both daughters served as Department of Florida Junior AMVETS President and Tamela served as National Junior AMVETS Chaplain for two years. Evelyn is the proud grandmother to JaNoah and Zakhai Master and Amir Taylor McElvin. Evelyn is delighted that JaNoah just joined Post #30 Junior AMVETS and JaNoah is excited about helping just like his grandmother.


Evelyn is a graduate of Columbia College and earned her Associates Degree in General Studies. She recently retired from a large bank where she was an Internal Revenue Service Filer after 17 years. She founded her church’s Veterans Ministry Program to assist Veterans and the community.


Evelyn’s President’s Project is the John Tracy Clinic (JTC) Preschool Program. JTC provides parent-centered services to young children with hearing loss, offering hope, guidance and encouragement. Preschool is critically important for children with hearing impairments because their brains must be trained very early to convert noise into intelligible sounds. Technological advancements have enabled deaf children to access sound and develop speech. She hopes to raise enough money to connect families in need with the services JTC provides these children. Your support of her project is greatly appreciated.

Evelyn’s life mottos are “Treat people how you want to be treated” and “Stand up for what you believe in.” With this in mind, Evelyn’s theme for the year is “Together, we will ROCK the Nation” to further the commitment to the Auxiliary’s Aims and Purposes of providing for the Veteran, their families and communities.




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