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AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary is a subordinate of AMVETS ( We have been in the business of assisting veterans and their communities for over 50 years. It's a volunteer effort that we proudly carry out. From looking after our veterans and their families to those hospitalized and in need - all related to a veteran ourselves - are committed to working for the good of our country and the needs of its citizens.


Marvell E. Ruppel

National President 2017-2018


Marvell E. Ruppel of Cedarburg, Wisconsin was elected AMVETS National Ladies Auxiliary President on August 12, 2017 in Norfolk, Virginia.  She is a life member of Auxiliary #60 in Milwaukee.  Her theme for the year is “NEVER FORGET”.


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Good Friday afternoon!


The IRS has revised procedures on how to file your Form 990 e-postcard.  Below are two links with the revised information.  The first link was revised March 2018 and the second link was revised April 2018.


Please share this information ASAP to all Local Auxiliaries.  It will be posted on the website over the weekend and to our Facebook page.


And a BIG THANK YOU to PNP National Parliamentarian Betty Lawson for the heads-up!!




Just touching base with you!  Three more files are being updated on the website - one introducing the new AMVETS HEAL Team, the updated PNP List and updated National Officers List.  PLEASE NOTE – Jo Ann Leinweber has resigned as the President’s Scrapbook person and is being replaced by Charmaine Wagner.  Charmaine’s information is new to the National Officers List.  The HEAL Team information can be found under the THIS AND THAT tab.


Also the website is being updated to include the Spring 2018 National Lines and the 2018 Convention Digest and can be found under the PUBLICATIONS tab.  And speaking of the Digest it is being mailed and should be arriving shortly to your mailbox.  Please be patient as it is being sent bulk mail and can sit at a local post office for a few days.


A memo from National Parliamentarian PNP Betty S. Lawson regarding subordinate organization member registration as well as information National Convention and Florida Night tickets can be found on the website under the NEC/CONVENTION tab.  Keep checking for updates!


2018 – 2019 Revalidation is upon us!  Information via email will be sent out to later this week and posted to the website.




IMPORTANT NOTE from the IRS on Form 990 Filing can be found in the PUBLICATIONS tab above.  Please be sure to read before filing your 990 and submitting your 2018 – 2019 Revalidation form.

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